Full-Time MBA Program

Joint Degrees

Combine Your Expertise

Three joint degree offerings between the Full-Time MBA program and other degree programs at the University of Georgia allow students to obtain a degree combination tailored to their goals. You must apply to each program separately to earn admission.


Prospective students who wish to pursue both a law degree and an MBA can complete both curriculums in four years. Students complete two years at the law school followed by one year at Terry and conclude with a year of content from both programs. This option is popular for individuals who wish to practice transactional law and desire to better understand the business needs of their clients. We recommend you start at the law school first and apply to Terry in the fall of your second year.

Interested candidates must apply separately to both the Terry MBA Program and the UGA Law School.

Apply to the MBA program Apply to the UGA Law School


Candidates who wish to work at the intersection of public health and business can earn both a Master in Public Health and an MBA in three years. Students complete a full year in the MPH program followed by a year in the MBA program and finish with a year of content from both programs. We recommend you start the MPH program first and apply to Terry at the end of your first semester.