Full-Time MBA Program

Enhancing Your Leadership Skills

As one of the first MBA programs to emphasize leadership, Terry has set the standard in turning students into business leaders. Here’s how our program will prepare you to take the helm.

Leadership Opportunities


Before your first MBA class starts, you start learning leadership foundations through a series of workshops. Those workshops continue through the end of your second year. The workshops feature hands-on activities and topics such as:

  • Communication techniques
  • Personal branding
  • Powerhouse presenting
  • Self-assessment
  • Team facilitation

Courses and Certification Option

Our core curriculum requires courses such as organizational behavior and leadership. To learn advanced leadership in your second year, select students are invited to join the MBA Fellows Certificate Program which includes:

  • A retreat that develops teamwork and communication abilities through sailing and equestrian activities
  • A crisis challenge that simulates the strategic thinking and responsiveness required in real business situations
  • A feedback exercise to develop your self-awareness
  • Networking opportunities at speaker events and fellows events

Leadership Speaker Series

Each year, UGA’s Institute for Leadership Advancement (ILA) invites senior corporate executives to campus to share their knowledge and insights with you.

Upcoming Speakers