Full-Time MBA Program

Concentration in Market & Customer Management

Marketing is not what it used to be. In fact, it’s a lot more. In today’s complex and competitive environment, a marketing professional may manage products, services, brands, and customers. At Terry, students with a concentration in marketing explore the traditional area of product management alongside the emerging topics of managing brands, services, and customers. In addition, Terry recognizes that launching a marketing campaign for a new product is vastly different from managing a century old established brand.

Concentration Paths

Corporate Marketing

Products, Brands, Customers, and Services

Effective marketing requires a strong analytical skill set. Marketers must have the ability to critically analyze data to make intelligent decisions. Alongside coursework for managing products, services, brands, and customers, students explore market analysis tools and techniques to better guide successful marketing strategies. Electives within the Corporate Marketing track enable students to broaden their understanding of the scope of marketing within the corporation — from supply chain management to managing human resources.


Marketing for New Business Entrants

Marketing for the Entrepreneur

Managing the brand of a century old Fortune 500 company is indisputably different from launching a marketing campaign for a company still in its infancy. Using courses in the essential marketing topics — managing products, services, brands and customers — as a foundation, this entrepreneurial-minded track incorporates courses in creating and implementing a formal business plan. Through the experience of building a business from the ground up, students gain valuable insight into the role of marketing strategy at the launch of a new business.